Important survey on community based monitoring in Canada


Help profile the scale of community based monitoring across Canada by sharing your water monitoring activities in this short survey, initiated by Living Lakes Canada in partnership with Simon Fraser University, Acadia University and a host of not-for-profit water monitoring groups across Canada.  


The community-based monitoring survey, supported by Our Living Waters, aims to address the current lack of information available about water monitoring programs across the country. In doing so, it hopes to uncover how many monitoring programs are currently running across the country, where these programs are located, what they are testing for, how they are funded, and what can be done to ensure data is used effectively to improve local water quality and source water protection.

Findings from the survey will be shared with participating organizations by the end of September 2016.

The results will help provide a national scan of water monitoring activities, which has the potential to raise the profile of the significance of this work while also revealing key lessons and opportunities to better support community-based monitoring. The survey was created in a partnership between Living Lakes Canada, Simon Fraser University, and Acadia University and is a collaborative effort of individuals and organizations working to protect freshwater.


Make sure your organization’s monitoring efforts are included by taking the short survey today!





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Important survey on community based monitoring in Canada
Important survey on community based monitoring in Canada
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